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About Voila

Emotions should never stand still. That’s what we believe. No other place will you be able to relive your wedding day the way that you can by watching your wedding film. So, who can you trust to capture every sway on the dance floor, the sound of your loved one speaking trusted words to you during a toast, or the emotional vows your soon-to-be spouse whispers during the ceremony? We believe that experience matters when it comes to filming a wedding. It’s a once in a lifetime event that cannot be replayed. With over 12 years experience filming weddings and the best in equipment and education, we want you to know- we have your back. So, we have options, but which option is the best for your perfect day? 


 Do you love the idea of a wedding film but are not sure if you really need it? Well, you absolutely do- just ask your friends who didn’t have wedding video at their weddings. Our answer to you is our associate collections. These collections are shot by our talented associate cinematographers. They are designed for the couple that is searching for a simpler approach to a wedding film and may be working on a stricter budget. Our associates have extensive professional experience and have been specifically trained by Alex Karas (owner of Voila). Our associate films do not compromise quality and you’ll be dying to share your film on social media as soon as you receive it. 

 Signature Collections

Do you pass your spare minutes watching wedding films, crying as you watch people you don’t know say, “I do?” If this is you and wedding films make you weak in the knees, our Signature films shot by Voila Cinematic owner and renowned filmmaker Alex Karas are the right choice for you. These collections are specifically designed for couples who truly value the art of filmmaking and wish to capture their day in a film that is timeless, sophisticated, and beautiful. Alex and Jocelyn work together to handcraft a film that tells your unique story while capturing every natural emotion as it unfolds- no posing or faking moments in our films! 


We are excited to announce that in this time of uncertainty, we are now offering a service that we think your clients will love! We are now offering LIVE STREAMING! With the decrease in travel,  more and more guests may make the decision to forego precious events. By adding the live streaming option to our collections, your clients can share their wedding day IN REAL TIME with  friends and family all over the world.

We value our relationship with you and your clients and we are working hard to evolve for your clients so that their precious memories can be captured and shared.